Can You Find Reputable Canadian Drugs Online?

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A conversation with Cary Byrd, eDrugSearch Blog

Aired LIVE on: Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Many bloggers in The Pharma Blogosphere have connections with the pharmaceutical industry. Either they work for consulting companies or agencies that have pharmaceutical clients or they actually work inside pharmaceutical companies.

Cary Byrd is different. He has an axe to grind with the industry, but mostly over drug prices and the issue of re-importation of drugs from Canada. Cary has a vested interest in helping Americans purchase safe, low-cost prescription drugs from prescreened international pharmacies. His website,, was recently launched to provide that service.

His company blog, eDrugSerach Blog, obviously helps Cary get the word out about cheap drugs from Canada, but he often covers other topics as well.


Guest Bio


Cary Byrd
Cary Byrd is the president and founder of, an online healthcare resource that enables consumers to quickly access safe, affordable prescription medications through an easy-to-use search engine.

Prior to, Byrd founded, a fee-based service for consumers seeking safe and affordable prescription medications online.


Some Questions/Topics Discussed

    • You started to help people find Canadian drugs online without having to deal with the spam and questionable players that, unfortunately, currently inundate the marketplace. Tell us a little more about your background and the launch of your website.
    • Obviously, you are in favor of Americans purchasing drugs online from Canadian pharmacies. This activity, however, is frowned upon by the FDA and US drug companies. Meanwhile, some law makers are trying to ease the way for Americans to purcahse drugs from Canada. Give us an update on where we stand tiday on this issue. Will Congress pass a law this year to leagalize drug re-importation?
    • Tell us how your blog helps your business? Does it drive traffic to your website?
    • What are your information sources? What are your favorite blogs in the healthcare space and why?



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