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A conversation with Joe Miles, Project Director, EyeforPharma Conferences

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The internet was originally envisaged to provide collaborative capabilities to scientists separated by geographies and time zones.

These benefits are equally palpable for national sales forces.

For example, do sales reps have useful insight to contribute to best practice? Can we use the tools developed for Web 2.0 to collect feedback from reps that would be relevant to SFE? And would a ‘Wikipedia for pharma sales reps in your company’ have any meaningful impact on SFE?

These are real questions that a number of SFE managers at major pharma firms are beginning to believe will have a real impact on the pharma sales force in the next couple of years.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • How are Web 2.0 tools like wikis different than SFE software already deployed by pharma companies? 
  • Give us some examples of how sales reps could use Web 2.0 tools? 
  • What about the legal/regulatory constraints? Can you compare the US situation with that in Europe?


Guest Bio


Joe Miles
Joe Miles was hired by EyeforPharma Conferences to research the rapidly changing world of Web 2.0 and how the pharmaceutical sales force manager can improve reps’ effectiveness by taking advantage of the opportunities it offers.


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