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A conversation with David Duplay, President of MedTera, about his company’s innovative marketing programs that are designed to improve education, promotion and communications in the healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

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In today’s pharmaceutical marketing mix, analytical metrics — specifically, return on investment (ROI) models — are imperative to implementing successful integrated solutions. With shrinking sales forces and marketing budgets, healthcare companies are challenged to maximize resources, increase market share and improve education while demonstrating valuable ROI.

MedTera™, an integrated marketing solutions company dedicated to improving education, promotion and communications in the healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, is poised to partner with pharmaceutical companies with real-time ROI metrics on fully integrated, closed-loop strategic marketing programs.

That’s about how this match will play out folks… point and counterpoint! We hope to have a lively, yet somewhat civilized, discussion as the staunch Republican libertarian “Chairman” takes on the Uber-liberal critical “Pharmaguy” in a no-holds-barred head-to-head matchup!

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Tell us about MedTera. What does MedTera do, generally?
  • How has the pharma market changed recently and what impact does it have on pharma marketers?
  • What new services is MedTera offering to address the changing market? How is MedTera different from other companies in this space?


Guest Bio


David DuplayDavid S. Duplay is the President of MedTera and is responsible for developing and overseeing the company’s vision, mission and strategic direction. With a solid background in healthcare marketing, communications and technology and more than 20 years of experience working with pharmaceutical companies, research organizations and patient groups, David brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to MedTera.

As an advocate for the progress of the life sciences industry, David believes that aligning the goals of all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery continuum is critical to improve outcomes for patients while lowering the overall healthcare spend. Prior to founding MedTera, David served as the General Manager for several marketing services companies where he developed strategic, closed-loop marketing programs and solutions.

A graduate of Southwestern University, David also sits on the advisory board of HealthPrize Technologies, a wellness company and industry leader in developing technology solutions used to enhance medication compliance.


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