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A conversation with C. Peter Waegmann, Vice President of mHealth Initiative Inc., about the potential impact of moblie phone applications on the transformation of health care.

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Mobile phones are being transformed from forbidden gadgets to essential tools for healthcare, and healthcare enterprises must develop a clear strategy for wireless information exchange. Thousands of new applications have been created for healthcare use, and more are being added every day

mHealth, enabled by mobile phones and other wireless computing devices (mDevices), is the revolutionary adoption of new communication patterns in healthcare that is stimulating the introduction of Participatory Health. Enabled by mHealth, Participatory Health is transforming healthcare from a physician- and hospital-centric system to one that seeks to connect and coordinate the roles of all health participants, including patients, the wide range of healthcare providers, payers, pharma, wellness providers, and more.

That’s about how this match will play out folks… point and counterpoint! We hope to have a lively, yet somewhat civilized, discussion as the staunch Republican libertarian “Chairman” takes on the Uber-liberal critical “Pharmaguy” in a no-holds-barred head-to-head matchup!

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What’s the current status of 5,000+ smart phone apps and apps developments in the near future?
  • How will mHealth change the way patients deal with providers and payers?
  • How new “digital tools” are helping healthcare professionals?
  • Give us a preview of “mHealth Initiative,” the International mHealth Networking & Web Conference

Guest Bio

C. Peter Waegmann

C. Peter Waegemann is the Vice President of mHealth Initiative Inc., a Boston-based not-for-profit organization promoting mHealth applications nationally and internationally. Since the 1980s, he has been a visionary and promoter of electronic medical record systems (EMRs), including founding the Medical Records Institute (MRI), a Boston-based organization involved in applied research and functioning as an educational clearinghouse, where he served as CEO and was also the Executive Director of its Center for Cell Phone Applications in HealthCare (C-PAHC).

Twenty-five years ago, he created MRI’s annual conference Toward an Electronic Patient Record (TEPR), which drew up to 3000 registrants. Waegemann defined EMRs, PHRs, and EHRs long before, consistent with, those promulgated subsequently by national task forces. Seven years ago, Waegemann became convinced that cell phones would be a major tool in healthcare, and he served two years as chair of MoHCA, the Mobile Healthcare Alliance, the predecessor to mHealth Initiative. Considered an international leader in health informatics with a special interest in electronic patient record systems, standards, networking, mHealth, and the creation of the national information infrastructure, he is the most sought-after speaker these topics. In 2007, his quest for innovations in healthcare and his courage in challenging the status quo led to Waegemann’s being cited as one of 20 outstanding people “who make healthcare better” (HealthLeaders 2007).

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