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A conversation with Luca Fabbri (see bio), Australia, Canada, Europe Sales Innovation Manager at Eli Lilly and Company, about his experience using TeleWeb e-detailing in Europe.

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TeleWebA Teleweb call is a remote call made simultaneously by Internet and phone. A Teleweb pharma sales rep makes an appointment by phone with a doctor (or other healthcare professional) who is invited to connect to a secure Internet site at a time of the doctor’s choice.

Once connected, the doctor is then guided by the sales rep who navigates for the doctor and comments on the content of the web-pages down the phone line. The sales rep and the doctor see on their individual screens the same information (text, images, animations, videos, etc.) at the same time.

A report from SK&A, a market research company, titled “U.S. Pharma Company Promotional Spending Trends in New Media,” suggested that “tele-detailing” (ie, TeleWeb e-Detailing) accounts for 49% of the new media channel physician promotional spend in the U.S.

According to SK&A “Over the last four years, promotional spending in new media has increased significantly from about $5 million in January 2006 to about $26 million by September 2010. Traditional forms of promotion, such as face-to-face detailing and meetings, are becoming less commonplace, while internet media such as e-detailing and e-meetings are growing at a fast and steady pace.”

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Describe TeleWeb e-detailing and how Lilly conducts TeleWeb e-detailing in Europe. How is this different from “traditional” e-detailing?
  • Do you have reps who are dedicated to TeleWeb activities?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your TeleWeb activities and how do these compare with traditional detailing?
  • How do doctors feel about TeleWeb e-detailing? What percentage of their calls would they like to be done this way?
  • Is TeleWeb e-detailing appropriate for marketing all drugs to physicians?

Guest Bio

Luca FabbriDr. Luca Fabbri holds (MBA) Master in Business Administration, Alma Laurea Bologna, he is Coach trainer certified, by International coaching school (FEDRO), holds Pharmacoeconomy Specialisation (Università di Perugia) and Pharmacy degree (Florence).

Dr. Fabbri has working brand management experience in several pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly (Zyprexa), DuPont Pharma (Cardiovascular Area), Merck Sharp & Dohme and Menarini (several brands). His past role was European PMPD leader.

Currently, in this NEW European assignment, his focus will be on enhancing e-channels capabilities such as computer based sales detailing (Trigger), Live e-detailing (Teleweb) and e-strategy support to ensure operational excellence and further embedding e-efforts across the organization. Leveraging appropriate innovation in these channels will help the company to meet customers’ needs, improve productivity and keep us ahead of game.

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