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A conversation with Matt Hendrickson (see bio), Vice President of Marketing at ConnectSolutions, about the collaboration between Adobe Connect and ConnectSolutions to offer an eDetailing technology platform that is a cost effective and scalable solution for improving access to healthcare professionals.

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Intense competition, regulatory scrutiny, and new ways that healthcare providers access information are just a few of the challenges facing pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

Traditionally, thousands of sales representatives have competed for face-to-face time with healthcare providers, with only a few getting past the receptionist’s desk for only a few minutes with a physician to detail their products. New advances in internet technology, coupled with government and self-regulation, have curbed face-to-face interactions even more, and as a result, healthcare providers are turning to the internet for self-directed research.

eDetailing–the ability to detail products online–promises to increase access to clinicians by having sales reps detail during online meetings at the healthcare provider’s convenience, but traditional eDetailing has limitations.

Adobe Connect for eDetailing combines the online meeting platform from Adobe with enterprise-class managed services from Connect Solutions. The solution is a secure, private-cloud offering that integrates live chat, online meetings, and your CRM and back-end analytic systems. The results are increased clinician engagement, more effective detailing, integrated systems, and reduced costs.

Questions/Topics To Be Discussed

  • Recent trends regarding physician access by pharmaceutical sales reps
  • What are some of the limitations of “traditional” eDetailing?
  • Summary of the feautures of Adobe Connect for eDetailing. How can it be used for a variety of purpsoses? Is it reliable and secure?
  • How does this solution integrate with a pharma company’s existing CRM and analytics system?

Guest Bio

Matt Hendrickson

Matt Hendrickson brings nearly 20 years of marketing, technology, and product leadership experience to ConnectSolutions, a leading provider of web conferencing and communication solutions. Matt leads marketing and product teams to create innovative offerings for healthcare, finance, government, and educational vertical markets.

Prior to ConnectSolutions, Matt has held executive product marketing positions at Granicus, a cloud-solution provider to government, and Rearden Commerce where he led marketing efforts through the acquisition of ExpenseWire as part of a strategy to build a platform of enterprise business services. Matt is a San Francisco bay area native, graduated with a Business Economics degree from U.C. Santa Barbara, and currently lives in San Francisco.

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