Will e-Patients Force Pharma Elephants to Dance? The Impact of Digital Technology on the Blockbuster Model A conversation with Jonathan Richman (see bio), digital strategy development leader for Possible Worldwide, about his presentation “Elephants Can Dance and Hippos Can Limbo,” which he will make at the e-Patient Connections conference in September, 2011.

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Fifteen years ago, IBM started to get out of the business of selling computers and now makes most of its money from services such as IT consulting. The market for pharma products is changing as quickly and as deeply as the market for desktop and laptop computers did for IBM. The question is whether any pharma companies are ready to make changes to address this reality. In the future, people will turn more towards digital echnology to prevent, cure, and treat their diseases instead of relying on pharma companies to come up with some breakthrough blockbuster drug.

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Questions/Topics Discussed

  • I know you’re speaking at e-Patient Connections again this year andyour talk is titled “Elephants Can Dance and Hippos Can Limbo”, whatwill you be talking about?
  • You recently wrote on Dose of Digital, about how even if consumersare following you on Twitter, Liking you on Facebook, etc. they stilldon’t see what you’re sharing. This is a theme you keep returning too.Tell me about that…
  • We both attend a lot of conferences, what can you tell pharmamarketers who are listening why they might want to check out e-PatientConnections? How’s it different than the other digital marketingevents out there?

Guest Bio

Jonathan RichmanJonathan Richman leads digital strategy development for Possible Worldwide’s clients from the Cincinnati office. The agency’s diverse client list features everything from snacks to financial services to pharma products (and everything in between). Jonathan is the author of the popular industry blog, Dose of Digital, and is a regular speaker at pharma conferences. He is currently working on a book about how we can better leverage digital technology to improve healthcare.

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