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Guest Tim Lewis, Director, Interactive|RM Strategy at Abelson Taylor (see Bio), provides details about eve™, which is his company’s sales force-focused detailing platform for the iPAD.

Airs LIVE on: Thursday, November 8, 2012 * 2:00 PM Eastern U.S.

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“eve™ is architected from the ground up to be ready for enterprise implementation,” said Abelson-Taylor VP, director of interactive technology, Matthew Collins. “By leveraging the power of Apple’s iPad and standards-based technology, eVE gives developers intuitive tools and components to rapidly create and deploy uniquely powerful, stable, predictable, data-driven brand experiences.”

“Healthcare marketers should re-think the iPad and its potential,” said Tim Lewis. “Delve into all the ways it differs from the devices that preceded it. Develop platforms and apps that build on iPad’s specific functionality, not matched by programs for other tablets. Stop thinking of “Next” as a good navigational control. The iPad is a phenomenal tool that can help healthcare marketers provide unparalleled brand experiences. But we have to change our approach if we’re to fully realize that promise.”

According to Abelson-Taylor, eve offers the benefits of a full detailing software platform with a host of other advantages, including:

  • Reps can choose and organize content in a way that works best for them and their customers.
  • Bring data to life with multi-touch, interactive experiences.
  • Go beyond chart builds and bullets with rich media, animation, and full multi-touch support.
  • Keep brand messaging consistent with a library of approved assets.
  • Capture real-time data on each visit, right down to time spent on each screen.
  • Plan calls, run reports, and analyze results thanks to eve’s full integration with leading Sales Force Automation software and your enterprise.

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