UCB’s State ScoreCards Helping Epilepsy Patients Lobby Lawmakers for Better Access to Innovative Drugs
Pharmaguy interviews Cindie Dilley, Head of New Patient Value Focus at UCB (see Bio), who talks about UCB’s State ScoreCards program, which won the 2016 eyeforpharma #efpphilly award for Most Valuable Patient Initiative.

Recorded on Friday, 13 May 2016

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What are “The Report Cards” (aka ScoreCards)?

It is an interesting initiative to lobby decision makers for better access to innovative treatments for Epilepsy. The Record Cards ups the pressure on under-performing state health networks, by increasing transparency on state performance.

Why did they win?

eyeforpharma judges were impressed by the way UCB managed to execute on a strategy to empower others to advocate for better care. It is a well-known truth that pharma is often perceived unwelcome in negotiations for access to innovative medicines. It is a reality of the industry business model that pharma has to battle to overcome access decision makers distrust of increased expenditure on new products.

UCB opened up the data on specialty care and newer anti-epileptic therapies and collaborated to issue independently peer-reviewed literature documenting the health benefits of a comprehensive up-to-date approach to manage this condition.

They then worked with local advocacy groups to share this knowledge along with transparent evaluations tracking the individual state performance on health outcomes. Armed with this information, patients were given the tools to challenge under-performing institutions and demand patient-centric change.

Questions/Topics of Discussion

  • The level of unresolved epilepsy cases that still exist even though there are already over a dozen agents on the market
  • Leveraging data in new and different ways
  • Arming patients with policy tools

Guest Bio

Cindie DilleyCindie Dilley is the Head of New Patient Value Focus at UCB, Inc., charged with identifying future neurology patient solutions through a combination of drugs, devices, digital health and data. Cindie is also on the board of PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) serving in various roles over the past 6 years including president and is currently a member of the executive advisory council.

Cindie has over 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in diverse roles including global brand lead, strategic marketing, pricing and forecasting, managed care analytics, health outcomes, organic and inorganic product development assessments, sales force sizing, strategy, and structure and primary/secondary market research both globally and nationally. Cindie performed her graduate studies in economics at the University of Illinois where, for four years, she also concurrently taught undergraduate economics and finance.

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