The Pharma Marketing Wire is the bi-monthly e-newsletter of the Pharma Marketing Network® (PMN), which features original articles from pharmaceutical marketing experts and industry executives. These articles typically highlight facts and/or author opinions, market research data, and offer expertise within the pharmaceutical and healthcare landscapes. Our primary objective is to obtain original content from a well-versed editorial board that fosters a community for the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing ecosystem, to understand the challenges and trends of today, while collaborating to shape the future.

Originality and Copyright

While we would accept previously published work, we do prefer new, fresh content that will provide readers with current happenings. Once an article is accepted, authors assign the copyright to PMN, but retain the right to create derivative works and revise their articles for publication and presentation elsewhere.


  1. Please email us a topic/topics you wish to submit an article about to If you have recently written a piece, we would accept that too

Below are topics in which readers – especially those employed by pharmaceutical companies – are interested in:

  • New ideas for drug marketing
  • Sales & sales reps/sales force effectiveness
  • Physician marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Integrating offline and online marketing programs
  • Key opinion leader development
  • Global/international marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Data privacy issues
  • Regulatory issues

Inclusion of case studies and data from market research studies adds value to articles and will improve an article’s chances of being selected for publication.

Note: We ask that you do not promote your company, product, or service in your work. We retain the right to reject any article that we deem too self-promotional or which has insufficient relevance to the pharmaceutical industry and our subscribers.

Review & Publication

All articles submitted for publication are reviewed by PMN editors. After the initial edits, authors will have an opportunity to review the edited article for accuracy. Once final approvals are made, we will feature your article on PMN’s homepage, in the PMN Wire, and share to PMN’s Twitter page, @PharmaGuy.