Medical Education Companies/CME Providers

Preferred Vendor

MW Institute, Inc.

MW Institute, Inc.
11 Stonefence Lane
South Kent,CT06785USA
Phone: 203-461-8818
Fax: 203-286-1857

Timothy M. Bayley, CNC, BS, MS – President & CEO
Lyle Swenson, MD, FACC – Chief Medical Officer
Dawn M. Aldrian, CMP – Vice-President Global Events

The MW Institute specializes in tailored, comprehensive, accredited Continuing Medical Educational (CME) programs. Our mission is to provide medical professionals with the credits they need for re-licensure, as well as opportunities to advance their knowledge in order to better treat patients. Our CME programs are structured for the adult student, incorporating the latest research on adult learning and teaching best practices. Programs are designed to be engaging, dynamic, effective, progressive, and enlightening. We have extensive experience in planning and executing CME programs for clients in both domestic and international settings, and we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to produce events that are effectual, proficient, and seamless.

Visit our Website to learn more about our custom CME programs.

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