Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #10: Nov/Dec 2009

Welcome to the NOV/DEC 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #9

Welcome to the October 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

The Empowered Patient: What It Means for Pharma Marketers

This article presents a case for the drug industry to adopt a patient-centric model in which pharma companies can develop unique expertise in decoding the behavior, needs, motivations of empowered patients and then use this knowledge as the basis for helping healthcare professionals and payers to put into place programs that achieve better patient outcomes.

Social Media Adverse Event Reporting Safe Harbors: It’s Time for FDA to Open Up...

This article presents ideas for regulatory 'safe harbors' under which pharmaceutical companies would be relieved of the responsibility of monitoring social media for adverse events. Includes a detailed summary of responses to the survey 'FDA Regulation of Drug & Device Promotion via the Internet & Social Media' regarding social media adverse event monitoring, processing, challenges, and uncertainties.

Waning Pharma Support of CME: The Plight of For-Profit MECCs

Recent headlines pulled from traditional media as well as from the blogo-sphere paint a bleak picture of the future of commercial support for continuing medical education (CME). Is the pharmaceutical industry getting out of the business of supporting CME? This article summaries Congressional testimony, ACCME data, and results of a reader survey on this topic.

Pharma-Sponsored Medical Ghostwriting

Pharma Marketing News surveyed readers to determine if medical journal articles sponsored and ghostwritten by drug companies are a legitimate part of marketing to physicians and to get opinions on various other issues raised in the press about ghostwriting.

Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics: More Important Than Ever in a Tough Market

This article summarizes a recent discussion between eyeforpharma's Editor Lisa Roner and Hans Nagl, Promotion Response Modelling Manager, Shire, about how the current economy and changing pharma landscape is impacting program effectiveness measures.

Pharma Marketing News Vol. 8, #9

Welcome to the October 2009 issue of Pharma Marketing News.

Consequences of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Links to Higher Prices and Less Competition

This article focuses on a new study that suggests drug price increases are engineered to cover the costs of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA). Drug price trend data from AARP, AHRQ, and prescription drug consumer price index (CPI) are presented. Also, what's the link between DTCA and competition?

Pharmaceutical Market Access 2010: Strategic Developments Impacting the US, EU, and Emerging Markets

Future revenue growth in the US and EU will be limited as the EU wrestles with cost effectiveness and the US debates healthcare reforms. Meanwhile, pharma and biotech companies are looking to emerging market opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (i.e., BRIC) to drive future business. What does this all mean for patients, physicians, payers, and pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers? This article addresses that question.
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