Pharma Spending on Internet, DTC, and Docs 2010 Pharma Marketing YearBook™, Part 3

BanishedEnough About Social Media! There must be something else that was memorable about pharma marketing in 2010. There were, for example, some rumblings about pushback in the online realm and vexing data about pharma media spend. And then there was the focus on physician payments.

Even before the new healthcare reform “sunshine” laws kick in requiring all pharmaceutical companies to publish details about payments made to physicians, a few “bad” companies (more about that below) released their data in 2010 in order to comply with legal settlements. There was also pressure from Congress on medical societies to reveal their sources of funding.

Still, we should not celebrate this as victory for “transparency” within the pharmacomedical- industrial complex just yet. Things are more “translucent” than “transparent.” Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your viewpoint) investigative reporters and entrepreneurs have made it easier for us mere mortals to analyze the physician payment data that has been slowly coming out in 2010.

Topics include:

  • Where do Health Information Seekers Go Online?
  • The Internet Can Be Depressing
  • Feeble-Minded Too!
  • Ad Spending is Up, But Not So Much
  • Focus on Physician Payments
  • Pharma-Physician Relations
  • Telephone eDetailing
  • Medical Schools Don’t Ask
  • NAMI’s Pharma Funders
  • Banned from Pharma’s Garden of Eden

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 1: 12 January 2011

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