Adobe Connect for eDetailing Making Physician Communications More Effective

Adobe ConnectIntense competition, regulatory scrutiny, and new ways that healthcare providers access information are just a few of the challenges facing pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies when they set out to detail physicians about their products. New advances in Internet technology, coupled with government and self-regulation, have curbed face-to-face interactions even more, and as a result, healthcare providers are turning to the Internet for self-directed research.

Various forms of eDetailing have been around for a number of years. Usually, these fall into two distinct categories: (1) “self-directed” programs where the physician navigates an online program without any interaction with a sales rep (ie, “traditional” eDetailing), and (2) a Web-enabled interactive program that includes realtime communication with a sales rep

This article focuses on Adobe Connect for eDetailing, a specific collaboration between Adobe and ConnectSolutions, a leading provider of private cloud deployments of web conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Topic headings include:

  • Many eDetailing Flavors
  • ConnectSolutions & Adobe Partnership
  • Limitations of “Traditional” eDetailing
  • Enterprise Integration is Key
  • Features & Benefits
  • Some Deployment Technical Details

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 12
Publication date: 20 July 2011
Word Count: 1610

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