Who, What, Why?

Elizabeth A. CermakRaj AminBonin BoughA conversation with Elizabeth A. Cermak, EVP, and Chief Commercial Officerat Pozen, Raj Amin, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthiNation, and Bonin Bough, Senior Global Director of Digital and Social Media, PepsiCo, about the who, what, why behind the Pozen Digital Advisory Board, an esteemed group of digital thought-leaders both in and outside of healthcare.

“The pharmaceutical industry has only begun to scratch the surface of employing digitally-based commercialization approaches. As POZEN moves forward to commercialize its PA pipeline, our goal in collaborating with these advisors is to look beyond the industry to identify untapped digital strategies that will help us deliver an affordable and accessible product to our customers,” said Liz Cermak, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of POZEN.

“POZEN feels privileged to be working with such accomplished and forward-looking individuals whose expertise and insights will help to shape our plans that will ultimately solidify our position as innovators.”

Some Questions/Topics Discussed:

  • Why did Pozen establish a formal Digital Advisory Board (DAB)? Is it a long-term commitment?
  • What exactly is the role of the DAB? It has already participated in a media roundtable. What’s planned for the future?
  • What does Pozen hope to learn from the DAB and apply what it has learned to its digital marketing initiatives? Will DAB member companies also consult with Pozen to work on these initiatives?
  • Would Pozen recommend that other pharma companies establish their own digital advisory boards?
  • What in your opinion is Pozen doing right when it comes to better understanding the digital landscape?
  • Why are you involved in the DAB? What knowledge/experience in your industries do you bring to the table?
  • With regard to the digital landscape, what are you most excited about?

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 15
Publication date: 12 October 2011

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