Good Promotion Practices Alliance Review: Prolifiq and Reprints Desk Team Up to Offer Compliance Solutions
GPPPharmaceutical marketing fraud and abuse has been a hot topic for Congressional oversight and has helped the US Department of Justice (DOJ) earn $17 for every dollar spent on enforcement from FY2007-FY2009. That’s a return on investment any marketer would be proud of.

There is plenty of attention being paid to these cases in blogs such as Pharma Marketing Blog and in the general media. Most of this attention, however, has been critical of the industry and has served to ex-pose the problems. But there hasn’t been much attention paid to good compliance solutions or best practices. That’s the mission of the Good Promotion Practices Alliance (GPP), which is co-sponsored by Reprints Desk and Prolifiq Software.

Topics include:

  • About Reprints Desk and Prolifiq
  • FDA’s Good Reprint Practices
  • The Compliance How-to Gap
  • The GPP Mission Statement
  • GPP Blog
  • Resources for Good Promotional Practices
  • 5 Short and Sweet Tips for Content Review

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 3
Publication date: 17 February 2011
Word Count: 1432

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