Pharma is Overcoming Social Media Hurdles Assessing the Three Biggest Obstacles to Success
Overcoming HurdlesThe pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt social media as part of its marketing strategy for a variety of reasons, including FDA regulations regarding fair balance, adverse event reporting, and off-label promotion.

Nevertheless, pharmaceutical marketers have come a long way in integrating social media into their overall marketing strategy. Not every pharma company, however, is at the same point in the adoption curve. Some are more willing to take “risks,” some are more savvy about applicable FDA regulations, and some are more knowledgeable about social media in general.

In order to determine how ready pharmaceutical companies are for engaging in social media marketing, Pharma Marketing News began hosting the online “Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness” self-assessment tool in December, 2007, when social media first appeared on the pharma radar screen.

This article summarizes the results and compares results from two different time periods to determine if any progress has been made.

Topics include:

  • Caution Abounds
  • Social Media Obstacle Self Assessment
  • Survey Questions and Scoring
  • Is Pharma Ready for Social Media Now?
  • Regulatory Obstacles
  • The Cultural Hurdle
  • The Knowledge & Usage Gap Persists
  • Pharma Can Overcome the Hurdles

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Issue: Vol. 12, No. 3: 18 March 2013

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