Active Social Media Listening UCB’s Approach for Achieving Better Patient Experiences
Social Media ListeningSocial media listening is a hot topic these days. There is no doubt that collecting information from disease and product conversations on social media sites helps pharmaceutical companies develop more impactful messaging and marketing tactics.

Experts urge pharma to focus on the customer, not the brand, when engaging in social media listening. This, they say, will deliver real value to pharma companies and their customers. But what exactly is the “real value” when the customer is the patient?

This was a question explored in a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast interview of Trish Nettleship, Director, Social Media & Influence, UCB, Inc., about her company’s approach to social media listening. According to Nettleship, “active social media listening” helps her company understand patient needs and issues — including adverse events — and how this results in better communications and patient experiences.”

This article summarizes that conversation.

Topics include:

  • UCB’s Approach
  • Dealing with Adverse Events
  • Become a Social Organization
  • Current UCB Patient Communities
  • Social Listening v. Focus Groups
  • Branded v. Disease Conversations
  • Budgetary Impact and ROI
  • Online Patient Influencers

Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 12, No. 9: December 2013

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