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Watch VideoPharma marketers are capitalizing on the e-Patient movement by leveraging social media, online video, and real patient stories in an effort to become more “patient centric” (see, for example, “Patient Story-telling Marketing“). Add a celebrity spokesperson who is also a patient or a caretaker of a patient and you’ve got gold!

But in some cases, this practice may be going too far. This article asks the question: Can anecdotal “evidence”/experiences mentioned in patient videos — even unbranded videos — cause unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office and over prescribing of drugs with serious side effects?

Topics include (partial list):

  • Real Stories from Real Moms & Daughters
  • Symptoms & Undocumented Anecdotal Evidence
  • The Selling of ADHD and Ethics of Disease Awareness Advertising
  • Persuasive Celebrity Patient Video Testimonials
  • Overstating Efficacy
  • Declaration of Health Data Rights

Download the full text PDF file here:

Issue: Vol. 13, No. 8: September 2014

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