The Absolute, Relative, and Incremental ROI of DTC e-Marketing Web is a powerful component to an overall DTC marketing strategy

The debate surrounding the strategic and economic value of having an online DTC strategy rings loud and clear at most global pharmaceutical companies today. Typical questions include “Should we invest more in the product Web site?” “Do we need an unbranded disease portal?” “Do we even need an online marketing strategy?” Although key criteria such as the product life cycle stage, competitive landscape, and therapeutic category must always be taken into account when answering these questions, there is generally a real need for an online marketing strategy that supports and optimizes the overall product strategy. In general, the key questions are where and how the online strategy creates disproportionate and sustainable value for the brand.

We have firsthand experience with our clients, and years of data documenting the evolution of the online consumer, proving how the Web is a powerful component to an overall DTC marketing strategy and how it can enable a brand team to achieve new heights with respect to customer reach, ROI and total Rx sales. If properly leveraged and integrated into the overall strategy, the value is clear — it has the potential to be a facilitator and a motivator for patients who are already seeking additional information. Although the role of using the Web for primary awareness of the product and therapeutic category is very important, we will focus on the power of the product Web site as a conversion tool in this article and illustrate how the Web strategy fits into the overall marketing continuum — from initial engagement all the way to loyalty marketing.

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Issue: Vol. 1, No. 7: Sep 2002
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