Personalized e-Marketing – How can you create and profit from a customer’s lifetime experience?
Vol. 1, No. 8: October 2002


The current mantra of pharmaceutical e-business is “integrate e-business into sales and marketing for a better ROI and more sales.” I found out what this means by listening to Philippe Barzin, Director Connectivity, Johnson & Johnson.

Instead of talking about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Barzin focused on HRM or “Healthcare Relationship Management.” While CRM focuses on a single customer at any one point in time, HRM focuses on supporting the customer across multiple channels – Web, email, call center, field visits – and over a lifetime. Considering the physician customer first, Barzin cited research showing that physicians value many sources of contact with pharma companies and actually find online sources less valuable than offline!

To demonstrate the effectiveness of “customer-oriented surround marketing” and personalization, Barzin used BabyCenter, a J&J consumer-focused web site, as a case study.

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