European Compliance Not Only Possible, But Leading Edge Conducting Direct To Patient Support in the EU
Nurse Support Impact on AdherenceAs US pharmaceutical companies search for best practices to battle patient drop-off, their European counterparts have overcome Byzantine regulations and reduced margins to implement strikingly effective compliance programs.

At the recent CBI Patient Compliance and Persistence conference in Philadelphia, Len Starnes, Head of European eBusiness for Schering AG, demonstrated the challenges – and successes – of conducting Direct To Patient support in the European Union (EU). Starnes is charged by Schering with spreading awareness about compliance programs throughout the company, especially the use of the internet and mobile channels to support pan-European efforts in all 21 EU member states.

Topics (partial list):

  • Which Regulations Apply?
  • EU Member Positions on e-Channel DTP
  • Channels and Compliance Reality
  • Nurse Support Programs
  • Table: Legal considerations for Call Centers
  • Mobile Messaging

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 5: May 2004
Word Count: 1813

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