The Targeted Model Is It the Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing?
Remember the good days of pharmaceutical marketing? When pharmaceutical reps and doctors had personal relationships? When the sales rep was the dominant influencer of physician prescribing behavior? When reps were knowledgeable and provided the physician with useful information that couldn’t be gotten anywhere else?

Well, the days of the traditional marketing/sales model are over according to Rick Blockinger, Senior product Director, Gastroenterology, Janssen Pharmaceutica. Speaking at a recent DMA Pharmaceutical Marketing Conference in Princeton, NJ, Blockinger highlighted well-known survey data documenting the decline in effectiveness of the typical pharmaceutical sales rep.

Topic headings:

  • Rethinking the Brand Plan
  • What We Need on the Physician Side
  • What We Need on the Consumer Side
  • Challenges

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 7: July/August 2004
Word Count: 949

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