Accelerating Your Multicultural Communications From a business standpoint, it just makes sense.
Multicultural communications can be a powerful addition to the armamentarium of the healthcare marketer. Often the most “successful” campaigns do not reach as wide an audience as possible because of a failure to understand either cultural or linguistic gaps when communicating with ethnic audiences. These people are a fast-growing segment of the population in the United States, and particularly in the area of health, they face huge disparities that call for proactive, aggressive, and ongoing multicultural healthcare commun-ications campaigns.

Why address multicultural communications? “From a business standpoint, it just makes sense. When 30 percent of your audience is ethnic, it no longer becomes a risk to address this audience, but a priority,” said Walter Arenzon, President and Creative Director, Farmacopea, Inc. He was speaking at the Women’s Health and Wellness Conference held in Iselin, New Jersey, July 15-16.

Topic headings:

  • Sex, Drugs, and Salsa Music
  • Effective Multicultural Communications
  • Talk to Ethnic Women

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Issue: Vol. 3, No. 8: September 2004
Word Count: 675

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