Develop Effective Online Compliance Programs Leverage Health Beliefs
“Pharmaceutical marketers are itching to do something more sophisticated online, to go deeper,” claims Monique Levy, an Analyst at Jupiter Research, a leading international research advisory organization. She was speaking at a recent pharmaceutical industry conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Consumer use of the Internet for health purposes spans a spectrum from accessing information only to using interactive tools to manage their health. Although it is widely known that almost three-quarters of online consumers use the Internet to find health information, many marketers don’t realize that less than 10 percent of online consumers use online health resources to continuously manage their health conditions. According to a Jupiter survey, consumers don’t manage their health online because they have low confidence in their ability to use online health resources to improve their health. Pharmaceutical marketers must leverage health beliefs and models to design comparatively more effective adherence-related online marketing programs.

Topics covered include:

  • Learn how self-efficacy predicts online consumers’ health-related behavior
  • Define your online strategy and prioritize spending on online marketing tactics

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Issue: Vol. 4, No. 3: March 2005
Word Count: 1126

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