Are Sales Reps Necessary? What Are Reps Absolutely Needed For?
It is common knowledge that sales reps are much less effective than they used to be, thanks in part to some tactics of the industry like sales pods that carpet bomb physicians with multiple reps saying the same thing. Now, the pharmaceutical industry is set to follow Pfizer’s lead and cut 10-20% of the sales force. Is it crazy to ask if sales reps are needed at all?

Topics covered include:

  • Changes Needed
  • What Are Reps Absolutely Needed For? – Poll Results
  • Sample Delivery: Reps, Internet, or UPS?
  • Babes Provide Personal Contact
  • Are Reps Worth Their Salaries?
  • Technology Makes Better Sales Rep Caterers
  • What About MSLs?

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 1: January 2007
Word Count: 2667

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