What’s Next vs. What’s Best Pharmaceutical Brand Leadership
Harry Sweeney reports on the recent Pharmaceutical Brand Leadership conference held in Chicago. The article covers presentations on branding, marketing “Negative Goods,” the Boomer Wave, unrefuted industry criticism, and other issues impacting the future of the pharmaceutical industry.


  • The Compliance Thicket
  • Leadership Matters
  • Brands as Emotional Properties
  • Marketing “Negative Goods”
  • The Boomer Wave
  • New Media Enters the Mix
  • Unrefuted Criticism Causes Distrust of Industry
  • Science is a Target Too
  • Post Election Issues: Pharma Will Be the New Halliburton
  • Defensive Advertising
  • Tell Product Stories

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 2: February 2007
Word Count: 2574

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