Measuring Consumer Sentiment About Prescription Drugs Data Mining & Scoring Consumer-Generated Content About Brands
If the chatter and buzz of marketing vendors at industry conferences is any gauge, pharmaceutical companies are excited about consumer-generated content (CGC) (sometimes called user-generated content, or UGC), now being touted as the Internet’s next “new thing”.

At a recent Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, John Mack spoke with Mark DePaoli, life sciences analyst at BrandIntel, an online information service, about mining CGC to evaluate consumer sentiment about pharmaceuticals. This article summarizes that discussion and presents a case study analysis comparing consumer sentiment of Botox vs. Restalyne.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • The CGC/UGC Landscape – some statistics
  • Mining CGC: An Interview with Mark De Paoli
  • Case Study: Botox vs. Restalyne
  • Impact of Advertising on CGC
  • Gaming the System
  • CGC Thought Leaders
  • Monitoring Adverse Events in Conversations

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 8: September 2007
Word Count: 1728

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