Re-Designing the Pharma Sales Force An Ailing Model in Need of Change
More and more doctors, clinics, and healthcare institutions are closing their doors to sales reps out of concern for the increasingly aggressive tactics used by pharmaceutical companies. The frequency model utilized by major pharmacos — pushing 5 reps per doctor to gain a share of voice — is frowned upon by prescribers as an over-kill.

This article focuses on presentations made at a recent conference that underscored the conundrum the industry now faces — a sales model which is steadily losing the ability to deliver results in proportion to its costs, and not much on the horizon by way of an alternative.

This leads very naturally to a provocative question — is it going to be best to focus on incremental (micro-evolutionary) changes, or is a radically different approach needed? The article concludes with some thoughts on the answer to that question.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • The frequency model is finished!
  • Productivity Moving in Wrong Direction
  • The Boomer Factor
  • Thoughts on Re-Designing the Sales Force

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Issue: Vol. 6, No. 9: October 2007
Word Count: 1471

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