Use of Celebrities for PR and DTC Advertising “Break a Leg,” But Avoid Pratfalls!
Congress is investigating the use of celebrity endorsements in pharmaceutical advertising and recently sent a letter to Pfizer questioning if the use of Dr. Robert Jarvik, a physician and inventor of the Jarvik artificial heart, is misleading consumers. At issue is the fact that Jarvik has never held a license to practice medicine in any state.

If you have questions about the “dos & don’ts” and “pros & cons” of using medical and non-medical mouthpieces for pharma PR and DTC advertising, this article has some answers based on interviews and opinions of experts with years of experience in this area.

Topics and issues covered include:

  • Celebrity Endorsements: Clear and Prominent Disclosure
  • Congress Probes Celebrities
  • When Celebrities Go Bad
  • Prepare Your Celebrities for Media Interviews
  • Bloggers Weigh In on Montel and Jarvik
  • Includes comments from Pharma Marketing Roundtable members

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Issue: Vol. 7, No. 1: January 2008
Word Count: 2362

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