Guerilla Pharma Marketing It Generates Buzz, But What About Sales?

Zyrtec Guerilla AdGuerrilla marketing has been known to close down a whole city (Boston) and thereby draw tremendous media attention to the brand being promoted. But is this a tactic that is appropriate for pharmaceutcal products?

Apparently, the drug industry (Ie, McNeil) is experimenting with a gentler, less aggressive form of guerilla marketing and once again Boston is a primary target!

The ads have drawn a lot of attention in the Pharma Blogosphere, but questions remain, including:

  • Is it legal?
  • Is it effective?
  • What’s the role of PR and blogger buzz?
  • Can it work without also doing more traditional print and TV advertising?

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Issue: Vol. 7, No. 4: April 2008
Word Count: 1735

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