Optimizing Market Access A Guide to Effective Pricing, Reimbursement and Messaging Strategies
TNS HealthcareIn today’s competitive market, pricing and reimbursement strategies arekey to maximizing brand success and ROI. Because every country’shealthcare system is different-and every product situation isunique-every brand requires a specific access plan, tailored to eachmarket. And you must support each plan with effective messaging thatensures strong product acceptance and uptake.

Experts from TNSHealthcare spoke on this issue in a recent webinar and during anexclusive interview with Pharma Marketing News.

Jonathan Kay,Global Practice Area Leader, Brand and Access Management, TNSHealthcare, set the stage by reviewing global market access issues andidentifying challenges and opportunities in coverage and payment.

LarryOlson, Vice President and Practice Leader, Payer Markets, TNSHealthcare, looked in greater depth at communication strategies tomaximize access, including how to develop compelling messages to buildand sustain brand value.

Topic headings include:

  • Cost-Containment Tools
  • How it works in the US
  • How it Works in the UK
  • How it Works in Japan
  • Cost Sharing vs. Risk Sharing
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Payer Messaging
  • Required Market Intelligence 
  • TNS Healthcare’s 5-Step Research Process
  • Best Practices

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Issue: Vol. 7, No. 9: November 2008
Word Count: 2609

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