Consequences of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Links to Higher Prices and Less Competition

DTC Drug Cost LinkThis articlefocuses on a new study that suggests drug price increases areengineered to cover the costs of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA).Drug price trend data from AARP, AHRQ, and prescription drug consumerprice index (CPI) are presented.

Topic headings include:

  • AARP Rx Watchdog Report Data
  • Flaws in the AARP Report
  • Engineered Drug Price Increase
  • DTC Ad Spend Chart
  • Industry Says No Direct Link to DTC
  • Plavix and Medicaid
  • Smoking Gun Charts
  • Pharmacos Spend More on DTCA When There is No Competition
  • Plausible or Dubious?

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 10: Nov/Dec 2009
Word Count: 2802

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