Pharmaguy’s Twitter Followers What Do They Want and How Is It Relevant to You?

Followers of @pharmaguyNo matter what people say, your Twitter strategy must include building a large and qualified Twitter following. The last part – qualified – should be the most important part of your Twitter follower strategy. You want followers who are the right fit for your messages.

Pharmaguy (aka John Mack) now has over 3,500 followers and these followers are probably the same followers you’d like to have if and when you get involved in Twitter. But hurry! Breaking in as a power user may be difficult. Research shows a virtuous cycle may exist, making popular users ever more popular.

This article summarizes the findings of a survey of over 400 of @pharmaguy’s followers. The results will give you a better idea why people who are interested in the pharmaceutical industry use Twitter and what they expect to get out of it.

Topic headings include:

  • Twitter is Important to Pharma
  • Does your company permit social media monitoring?
  • Who is Your Audience and What Do They Want?
  • What You Can Learn from My Survey Results
  • My Followers are Pharma Professionals
  • Why Do My Followers Use Twitter?
  • Why Do People Follow Me of Twitter?
  • Other Reasons for Using Twitter
  • How Useful are My Tweets?
  • What’s In It For You?

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Issue: Vol. 8, No. 8: September 2009
Word Count: 4205

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