ePrints NRx for Physician Detailing Reprints Desk’s Solution to the Medical Marketing Blues

ReprintsGiven the increasing difficulty that sales reps have gaining access to busy physicians, it is more important than ever to offer value and not just sales pitches. Physicians are looking for help to add value to their efforts to deliver good outcomes and satisfactory patient care. They expect appropriate help from pharmaceutical sales reps, as well as from other parts of the company that provide important support services.

One way that pharmaceutical companies can aid physicians is to provide them access to articles published in peer-reviewed journals, which have a particularly high level of credibility among physicians. The logistics and copyright issues of managing hundreds of different reprints and efficiently distributing them in accordance with FDA’s hood reprint practice guidelines, however, is a challenge.

To meet and solve that challenge, Reprints Desk recently announced the launch of ePrints NRx, a new scientific article collection service that simplifies the re-use of PDFs by medical marketers, brand managers, and sales professionals.

This article describes and summarizes the features and benefits of the ePrints NRx solution offered by Reprints Desk.

Topics include:

  • Physicians Value Support Services
  • Journal Articles Highly Valued by Docs
  • ePrints NRx Solution
  • Managing Digital Rights
  • Solving Persistent eChallenges
  • Good Reprint Practices
  • ePrints NRx & Closed-Loop Marketing
  • Case Study: Web Portal Integration for Immediate Article ePrint Downloads

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 5: May 2010
Word Count: 1867

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