Pharma, Physicians, and Sermo A Social Media Win-Win-Win!
Sermo and PhysiciansIn 2007, Pfizer Inc and Sermo, the largest online physician community in the U.S., embarked on a strategic collaboration designed to redefine the way physicians in the U.S. and the healthcare industry work together to improve patient care. Since then, other pharmaceutical companies have also engaged physicians via Sermo

This article provides an overview of Sermo’s new Client Center and summarizes a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast interview of with Daniel Palestrant, Sermo’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Topics include:

  • The Sermo Engagement Model
  • New Client Center
  • About MDs on Sermo
  • Sermo Panels
  • Sermo Posts
  • Demographically, Online Physicians are Similar to Offline Physicians

  • Non-Personal Communications Can Overcome Access Issues
  • “Green Pasture” Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and “Joe Six Pack” Physicians
  • Peer-to-Peer Education
  • Maintaining Trust Within the Online Community

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Issue: Vol. 9, No. 7: September 2010
Word Count: 2623

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