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eDetail Supplement CoverOVERVIEW

In the rush to gain Share of Voice by increasing the frequency and reach of sales calls, pharmaceutical companies may have lost sight of the value that the “detail person” has given to physicians in past years.

The declining sales force return on investment may signal that a significant adjustment will take place in how pharma companies market and sell their products to physicians. Many experts–not the least of which are the experts cited in this Special Supplement–think that eDetailing fits the bill for a solution to declining physician marketing ROI.

This Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News brings together in one convenient document several topics and case studies on eDetailing and ePromotion to physicians.

The resultant collective wisdom of many experts both inside pharmaceutical companies and outside provide a frank assessment of the role and impact of eDetailing on physician marketing as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

Includes the following two Bonus Reprints:

  • Beyond the eDetail: Evolving to Educate
  • eDetailing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow



  • Introduction… pg. 1
  • eDetailing Strategies for a Higher Physician Response… pg. 2
  • The Impact of eDetailing… pg. 5
  • Why Pharma Can’t Ignore eDetailers… pg. 7
  • Optimizing eDetailing ROI… pg. 9
  • The Future of eDetailing… pg. 11
  • Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies… pg. 13
  • A Private-label, Turnkey eDetailing Solution at a Fixed Fee Price… pg. 16
  • eDetailing Solution as Part of a Cross-Channel Strategic Relationship… pg. 17
  • Online Detailing as an Adjunct to a Part-time CSO Sales Force… pg. 18
  • Expanding New Patient Starts Through Broader Physician Sample Coverage… pg. 19
  • List of Resources & Experts Cited… pg. 20


  • Physicians who use the Internet for work-related activities (US only)
  • ePromotion Activities and Expenditures
  • ePromotion Activities by Activity Type
  • Benchmark Study and Online survey of eDetailed physicians: Doctors prefer eDetails with honoraria
  • Benchmark Study and Online survey of eDetailed physicians: Prescribers respond favorably to eDetailing
  • e-Detailing vs. Overall Sales and Promotion. eDetailing and promotion budgets through the product life cycle
  • “Doorknob Details Study”: Sales force effectiveness parameters
  • Computing in the Physicians’ Practice
  • Fixed Price eDetailing Solution: Cost per detail
  • US promotional Spending by Pharma Breakout
  • Impact of Sampling on Physician Prescribing
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Influence on Physician Prescribing
  • Percent of Physicians Rating Information Services Good or Excellent (Internet, Reps, Journals, Symposia)
  • PDR Subscriber Survey
  • MD Consult Survey

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