ePharma Marketing, Volume 2 Section 1: Is Pharma eMarketing at a Tipping Point?

ePharma Supplement CoverMost predictions of pharma eMarketing “tipping” or coming of age have not materialized — at least not so much as to put the drug industry on a par with other industries, which devote at least twice as much of their advertising budgets to the Internet as does the drug industry. Several of the articles in this section explore why this is so.

You’ll also find data from various sources that document the trend in pharmaceutical online spending from 2004 through the end of 2007. Also included are articles that address eMarketing return on investment (ROI) and information regarding pharmaceutical adoption of social media marketing.

38 pages; published July 21, 2008.


  • e-Inertia Plagues the Pharma Industry
  • Pharma’s Plodding Approach to eMarketing
  • Pharma Online Spending
  • Marketing Mix of Leading Pharma Advertisers
  • Online Pharma Marketing: Why Aren’t We There Yet?
  • Helping Pharma eMarketing “Grow up”
  • Pharma Marketing Stuck in Web 1.5
  • Pharma’s Social Media Marketing Readiness Score

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ePharma Marketing, Volume 2 Section 2: Emerging Trends and What’s Next

ePharma Supplement CoverWhile the drug industry as a whole may lag behind other industries in embracing the Internet, several individual pharmaceutical companies are more immersed than others.

This section includes articles that focus on innovative Web-based applications that the drug industry currently sponsors for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Some examples include defining a new role for eDetailing, engaging physicians and consumers via trusted 3rd party social networking sites, and ideas for integrating the Web into traditional pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.

27 pages; published July 21, 2008.


  • Internet vs. Sales Reps: Which Do Docs Prefer?
  • Emerging Trends in European Physician and Consumer Use of the Internet
  • Closed-Loop Marketing
  • Collaborating with Online Physician Communities
  • Marketing to the “Long Tail Physician” Segment
  • Pharma, Physicians, and Web 2.0: Are We There Yet?
  • Trends Driving Physician Education and Branded Communications Online
  • Surfing the eMarketing Big One!
  • Blogs vs. DTC: What’s Best for Consumers?
  • Revolution Health and the Wisdom of Crowds
  • Got Game? Online Pharma Advergaming
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Blogs are Done! What’s Next for Pharma Marketing?

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