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Medical Science Liaison Program Metrics

The 2006 Edition of “Medical Science Liaison Program Metrics: Industry Survey and Critical Issues” contains original 2004 survey data plus previously unpublished primary research, including MSL survey aggregate data and interview transcript with a delegate from DDMAC. The 2006 Edition is updated with secondary research through 2005 and critical management issues that medical directors can expect in the next five years.

This 68-page report is for medical directors who wish to Benchmark their program metrics against industry trends, gain senior management support for their metrics approaches, show cause for concern in potentially risky metrics approaches, dispel management misperceptions of MSLs’ ‘regulatory privileges’, and formulate metrics most likely to be accepted by MSLs thereby reducing talent attrition.

This report provides medical directors with an objective and fair-balanced representation of performance metrics from both Management’s perspective AND Medical Liaisons’ perspective. New medical directors may use this report to anticipate and address critical issues when building new field-based medical teams. Finally, this report identifies trends and challenges that medical directors must anticipate as the future of MSL programs.

19 companies’ MSL programs are represented in this synthesis. Due to the nature of the information shared in this report, medical affairs executives interviewed have specifically requested that their companies not be identified even within an aggregate list. To honor their request and confidentiality, no company names are listed in this report.


  • Organizing Medical Science Liaison Teams
  • Medical Science Liaisons’ Educational Background
  • Medical Science Liaison Activities
  • The Medical Science Liaison Role
  • Medical Science Liaison Program Value
  • Medical Science Liaison Program Metrics
  • Five Cases of MSL Program Metrics
  • MSL Survey Data (Aggregate)
  • Interview with DDMAC Delegate


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