Watch: DHC | PMN: Physician Level Data Round Table



R.J. Lewis, Founder and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions and Tap Native and the Chief Collaborator at Pharma Marketing Network, moderated a deep dive discussion on the topic of physician-level data (PLD) and its role in pharma marketing. Topics covered included what drivers are used for PLD, successes and challenges, how it’s used, and where it’s headed. Guests of the panel included experts from GSK, Ispen, BioPharm Communications, and CMI, who all spoke to the importance of incorporating and leveraging PLD inside and outside their organizations.


R.J. Lewis is President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions (EHS), a solutions-focused premium advertising network specializing in the digital healthcare marketplace, which he started in 1999.

Jose Ferreira is the Senior Vice president of Product and Innovation, CMI Media group.  He has experience in digital media, digital marketing, and integrated marketing. Jose has been honored in several innovators categories.

Jim DeLash is a Marketing Director of Customer Experience and Professional vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline. For over 17 years, Jim has been in various digital marketing roles, customer segmentation, and creative message development. He has experience in publishing and database marketing and teaches Digital Marketing at Temple University.

Paul Murasko is the head of digital customer interaction, North America for Ipsen Pharma.  He is also an industry thought leader, a digital innovator with experience in digital transformation, innovation, and customer engagement. Paul has a proven record of developing award-winning sales.

Audrey Gilfor is the director of CRM Strategies, Biopharm.  She is an experienced digital media manager with a deep background in the healthcare space.

And we had some timestamps pulled together to help people jump forward to different sections of the video based on topic:


[01:38] Importance of PLD

[05:13] Partners that are doing a good job in PLD

[09:15] Pharma companies that are doing it right

[13:48]  Importance of Big data

[17:01] CMI’s new product

[24:35] Are people leaning more toward machines or humans while making decisions?

[27:47] Segmentation

[31:23]Meaning of n of 1

[34:36] Segmentation versus n of 1

[37:07] Matrix-based segmentation or individual based

[39;20] Challenges in PLD

[41:21] Wish list for today’s data speed

[46:12] Future of PLD