Dear AZ or AZ buzz/PR agency:

I know you are reading this blog. I’ve gotten several anonymous comments — and one signed “Marilyn” — suggesting that I take a look at the “Us Against Athero” Web site. [For my readers who haven’t been “buzzed” about this yet, you can find the site here.]

What immediately caught my attention was the interactive US AGAINST ATHERO tour bus/truck/whatever (see image at left).

The Artery Explorer is “hitting the streets on a nationwide tour and could be coming to a neighborhood near [me].”

I saw the video on the Web site and it looks really cool (see image at left)! Reminds me of the Magic Mountain roller coaster ride at Disney World! I really, really want to sit in the interactive theater that must be inside this truck and experience the whole thing. I bet it’s like the Spiderman ride in Universal Studios Park.

“Hop inside the state-of-the-art trailer to experience the thrill of exploring deep inside your arteries,” is how you describe it on the Web site.

But I live in boring Newtown, PA, which I don’t expect you’ll be visiting any time soon. I notice from the Tour Schedule that the truck will be in Tempe, AZ — it says March1, but I think you mean June 1.

I’ve always wanted to go to Tempe. I know someone there that I can do some business with and I hear the golfing is great!

So, I have this request: Please invite me and my wife to a personal screening of the interactive movie in Tempe, AZ. Of course, I would expect a big pharmaceutical company like you to pay my travel expenses and at least one night’s stay in a posh resort/spa. That would certainly beat how I was treated by Michael Moore and even be somewhat better than the screening I got of Centocor’s Innerstate movie.

I also I registered on the Web site to receive more information and participate in some market research. I may have indicated that I was a “Dr.” That was a little exaggeration, but I do have a “all but dissertation” graduate degree from Columbia University. Which is sort of like having an MD degree but no license to practice medicine. I only say this in case you can only justify sending “Dr’s” to Tempe and not simple bloggers like me.

Yours truly,

John Mack