“Consumers purchasing GlaxoSmithKline’s weight loss drug Alli will receive a free copy of Wynonna Judd’s new album Sing,” reports MM&M (see “GSK pairs Wynonna Judd album with Alli“).

This assumes that:

  1. Many Wynonna Judd fans need alli, or
  2. Fat people like Wynonna Judd’s music, or
  3. alli needs Wynonna Judd, or
  4. Wynonna Judd needs alli, or
  5. None of the above, or
  6. All of the above

Which do you think is true?

“I hope that I can inspire people to be better… that they can see themselves in me and say, ‘If she can do it, I can do it,'” said Judd.

I don’t know if Judd has “done it” (lost weight with alli) or not. But if you juxtapose her image on the Sing album cover to the image GSK uses in its promotion of alli, one of two things are possible:

  1. If the album photo of Judd was taken after the alli photo, then alli worked, or
  2. One of these images have been “photoshopped.”