Reuters reports on a 2,053-patient, Indian clinical trial that evaluated a “polypill” containing low doses of three blood-pressure drugs from different classes — thiazide, atenolol and ramipril — as well as the statin cholesterol-lowering drug Zocor and aspirin.

The trial tested whether the pill (an artist’s conception of the pill is shown on the left) leads to meaningful changes in heart risk factors. Results of the study were presented at the American College of Cardiology scientific meeting in Orlando.

Way back in 2006 I suggested another type of poly pill for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. My proposed poly pill would combine Norvasc (for hypertension), Lipitor (for cholesterol), and Viagra (for ED caused by high cholesterol) (see “Caduet, Smaduet! Add some wood to the fire!“). You could easily throw in 81 mg of aspirin too!

The advantage of my pill combination is simple: Much better compliance, at least among male patients!