I worked all weekend to submit to the FDA the results of the Pharma Marketing News/Blog survey of readers about FDA’s Regulation of Drug & Device Promotion via the Internet & Social Media.

As you may recall, the FDA asked for comments relating to the following 5 issues:

  • Issue 1: Accountability
  • Issue 2: Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements
  • Issue 3: Posting Corrective Information
  • Issue 4: Links
  • Issue 5: Adverse Event Reporting

Under each issue, the FDA included several specific questions for which it was seeking answers.

Beginning on September 21, 2009, Pharma Marketing News/Blog hosted an online survey/ questionnaire that included all 19 of these specific questions. For most questions, the survey included specific choices that respondents could select as part of their answer. Each question also allowed respondents to enter comments. The goal of was to obtain both quantitative and qualitative answers to the questions posed by the FDA.

I presented preliminary results of the survey at the November, 2009, FDA hearing in two sessions:

  • Session 1, covering FDA issues 1 (Accountability) and 2 (Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements); See it here: http://bit.ly/4KXzXl
  • Session, covering FDA issues 3 (Posting Corrective Information) and 5 (Adverse Event Reporting); See it here http://bit.ly/5GwcPm 

The survey was closed on February 26, 2010 after collecting responses from 274 people. A summary of the results—including 731 comments—is available here: http://bit.ly/dhsqes Use code ‘82D2AF‘ for a discount!

Thanks to everyone who responded and submitted comments.