Active US users of Facebook have declined 7.37% in the last six months and the average age of a Facebook user in 2012 was 41 years old whereas in 2010 it was 38 years old (65% of Facebook users are over 35 years old). It seems teenagers in particular are leaving Facebook because their parents are now on Facebook keeping track of them, not to mention the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. As Yogi Berra’s great grandson might say, “I don’t go there any more, it’s too old.” Here’s a piece of an infographic showing the trends (find the entire infographic here):

Another reason cited by teens for leaving Facebook is “too many ads.”

Of course, this is good news for pharma marketers who may now be interested in placing ads on Facebook to reach the older demographic they usually target with DTC ads. So far, however, based on my limited experience with Facebook, I haven’t seen many Rx drug ads. Still, Facebook is becoming a more pharma-friendly place.