As reported over at (“Sign of the Times? Cosmetic Surgery Is Back“):

According to a survey done by MEDACorp, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures were up during the fourth quarter [of 2009] for the first time since the downturn began in 2007.

The survey encompassed facial injectibles, breast implants, laser procedures, and Latisse for eyelash growth. The results of the survey indicated that procedures for botulinum toxins like Allergan’s (AGN) Botox and facial fillers like Medicis Pharmaceutical’s (MRX) Restylane increased the most year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2009, each up 8.1%. Procedures for breast implants increased 3.5% and laser work was up 1.6%.

Cialis is also having a good year, reported the IndyStar (see “Lilly’s Cialis meets with success, challenges“):

“Lilly has been able to double the price of the drug since its launch in 2003, to about $16 a pill. Last year alone, during a recession, Lilly increased the price of Cialis twice. Competitors, including Pfizer (maker of Viagra) and GlaxoSmithKline (maker of Levitra), also raised prices.”

It seems that you can never have too few wrinkles or be too erect even if it means sacrificing the necessities of life like a new Lexus (Toyota) or season football tickets.