An iMedicalApps “exclusive” reports “information has now become available that suggests Apple is now looking to ensure the information contained in each medical app is appropriately validated” (see “Exclusive: Apple now asking app developers to provide sources of medical information“).

“This is an exciting development from Apple as it suggests they are concerned about the potential for misinformation contained in medical apps. By asking developers to verify the information contained in the app, Apple will encourage developers to cite the sources of the information contained — similar to how medical journals are written. Whether or not Apple has the ability to accurately assess the validity of the sources cited remains to be seen.”

I have written about this here on Pharma Marketing Blog and in Pharma Marketing News (e.g., “Some Unregulated Physician Smartphone Apps May Be Buggy“) and it is a topic I often discuss at industry conferences such as the recent Third Annual Pharma eMarketing Congress in Barcelona.

The following are two slides from that presentation (you can find the entire presentation on SlideShare here):