In just one day the world changed! And it changed for the better. Was it good for you too?

Of course, I’m talking about Sepracor, which I caught with its pants down on Monday (see “Lunesta, Google, and bAdWords“), changing its Google Adwords advertising Lunesta yesterday.

One day Sepracor is violating FDA regulations and running ads like this:

The next day, the Lunesta ad looks like this:

It’s nice to see that the ads have been corrected. Could it be that my post woke someone up at Sepracor? Or maybe it was Sepracor’s ad agency that woke up.

Fast action was required because I did notify the FDA about the ads. I don’t know how FDA processes such complaints, but I suspect it takes some time for them to get around to reviewing them. So it’s possible that the FDA will not come across any violative Lunesta Adwords if they are searching the Internet today.

It’s not the first time that Sepracor has snuck in a questionable ad. See “Sepracor Sneaks In Lunesta Reminder Ad.” What next?