The Communiqué Awards 2014 are open for entry! “This award recognises outstanding personal achievement at a very senior level in healthcare communications. It is open to professionals currently working in industry or within a healthcare consultancy,” says PMLiVE, which runs the Communiqué Awards.

Regular readers of Pharma Marketing Blog know that I have mixed feelings about such awards. But some people — such as whoever is @SellDrugs — belittle the Communiqué Awards as “an event that can only be described as disgusting, a dazzling line-up of huge pricks and idiots” who collect awards for “drawing pretty pictures and issuing forth mindless press releases” (see the rant here).

I, however, don’t go that far in my criticism of such awards although I did describe two winners of the 2009 Pharm Exec Ad Stars Award as “Two Guys, One Cock” (see “Rooster and Friends Win Pharm Exec Ad Stars Award“). And, of course, I have my own “Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award™.”

“To ensure transparency,” says PMLiVE, “the Healthcare Communiquétor category is now open for direct entry – either by individuals themselves or their teams on their behalf.” So, in the hopes of being a “huge prick,” I officially announce my nomination for entry. However, I need your help.

According to the rules, each entry must include “at least one (maximum three), signed references, from each of the following: Colleagues, Third party/stakeholders.” I, therefore, hereby solicit your support (use the form at the end of this post). To aid you in your recommendation, here are the award qualifications and why I believe I am qualified…

During their career candidates will:

  • Have demonstrated a true commitment to the advancement of healthcare communications
  • I think I’ve demonstrated that commitment, although my idea of “advancement” may be a bit different than what certain trade publications have in mind. I once said, for example, “If you believe “communication” is a one-way flow of information from a source to a receiver, then “marketing” may be said to communicate. But these days, communication is taking on a new meaning: two-way conversation where the receiver can become the source and vice versa. And that’s something pharma marketing has not yet mastered” (see “Pharma Marketing vs. Healthcare Communication“).

  • Be a passionate leader, driving collaboration and success, leading by example, transferring knowledge and motivating others
  • This, obviously, is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned. But I’ll leave it up to you to cite examples of how I demonstrate leadership (just complete the form at the end of this post).

  • Have demonstrated how they have led change, innovated, generated new ideas and opportunities and always been be keen to embrace what’s next
  • OMG! This is so me! A great example of how I have led change and embraced what’s next is when, in April 2009, I issued the first public call for an FDA public hearing on social media. “We should make sure that when it comes time for the FDA to actually create a guidance document on social media that it does it with input from ALL stakeholders,” said Pharmaguy. He issued a petition stating “…it is necessary for the FDA to convene a PUBLIC HEARING where ALL stakeholders can participate in a discussion of the issues and provide the FDA with a good understanding of the Internet as it exists today and tomorrow. That understanding and knowledge can then be the basis for issuing guidance that will allow the pharmaceutical industry to contribute to the conversation online.”See “Should FDA Convene a Public Hearing on Use of Social Media by Pharma?” and “FDA, Tear Down This Wall! A Draft Petition Calling for a Public Hearing“.

  • Have firmly established themselves as an industry ambassador through work undertaken with stakeholders over a significant period of time
  • As evidence of satisfying this requirement, I offer (1) The Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Awards, and (2) my Pharma Marketing Talk show where I provide industry stakeholders a chance to voice their opinions.

  • Have made a demonstrable difference to the industry over time
  • Hmmm… This one’s difficult to substantiate. Let me quote Len Starnes — a true Digital healthcare consultant who should win this award — from his LinkedIn recommendation: “John is most probably unique in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector as being a pundit who possesses not only a profound knowledge of the industry itself, but the ability to wisely and sincerely reflect on the pulse of its marketing and sales behaviour and the ethics of its conduct. John is indeed an erudite commentator on the true state of pharma marketing today. His monthly newsletter, ‘Pharma Marketing News,’ is a joy to read and one of the few newsletters that I saviour and read regularly from cover to virtual cover. Moreover, you can always rely on John to consistently deliver absolutely terrific, highly quotable, one liners! What would the pharma industry do without him?”

According to the rules, each entry must include “at least one (maximum three), signed references, from each of the following: Colleagues, Third party/stakeholders.” You can submit your recommendations in comments to this post or use the following form: