About 2.30 minutes into this 8-minute Marketplace Morning Report is a short piece about pharma’s use of social media for promoting drugs. I am quoted in the piece. Essentially, it’s the same quote/sound bite that TIME used about pharma being “marginalized” if they do not figure out how to participate in social media discussions (see “Pharma is “Cleverly Navigating” the Social Media Space Says TIME Magazine“).

My segment is preceded by an ad for Novo Nordisk, “since 1923 innovative developer of diabetes treatments and delivery devices.” It’s interesting that Novo Nordisk is a sponsor of this MarketPlace segment because its Race with Insulin campaign was also featured in the TIME magazine story, which called its twitter social media campaign “provocative.”

Both stories are ambivalent regarding pharma’s use of social media and may even be said to be supportive of pharma’s cause to push the FDA into releasing guidelines. Both stories also say that FDA will release these guidelines before the end of the year.

It could be a coincidence that Novo Nordisk is linked to both these stories, but I’m beginning to feel that I am been played like fiddle by a Novo Nordisk engineered PR campaign! What do you think. Listen to the embedded Marketplace segment below (or find it here after it is archived as a podcast dated 12/20/2010).